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What would be the first thing that you would do, if you were to win a lottery worth $10 million? We know the answer. You would perhaps pack your bags and your family and embark on a journey of the world!! Nothing is impossible, one day you might end up winning a lottery. We might not be able to give you the happiness of winning the lottery and real time experience of globe-trotting, but our wallpapers from the travel and world category can bring the world to your desktops, for sure!

No need to have binoculars – take a peek at our “Grand Prismatic Spring” wallpaper. The colors of the Grand Prismatic Spring are vibrant. The picture is shot at an angle, such that you will get a feeling, as though you are standing on the bank of the spring. Download the Moravia wallpaper. The lush green meadows will make you imagine yourself lying down on the green grass and will help you get relaxed in your chair and your work desk.

Our list of wallpapers is as infinite as the world travel and places. We suggest you keep downloading our wallpapers from the category of Travel and world, until you win that $10 million lottery!

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