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The ecstasy of football knows no geographical boundaries. Football fans in the city of Kolkata in India are equally crazy to their Argentinian counterparts. It is estimated that almost 25 to 30 million people watch football on Sundays. This is why we experience the maximum downloads from this category of wallpapers from our site. There are visitors who come looking for the infamous Zindane head-butt, while others may want an all new Image of Lionel Messi rolling on their desktop, every hour. This keeps our editors on their toes. They working constantly on this category and keep uploading fresh new images related to this contagious game of Ball! For all Messi fans, we have a bunch of wallpapers. We have a wallpaper of him in the wild appealing pose and running on the field in an exuberant mood. Check out his innocent photographs, holding a football in hands, wearing a trademark blue and white striped Argentinian Jersey!
Football spawns a whole lot of merchandise like Team Logo Posters, snapshots of trophies etc. We have fantastic wallpapers of team emblems – Check out the Bayern Munchen Logo, Inter Milan FC Logo, Chelsea Logo and have them shuffling everyday on your desktops.
We have a great compilation of wallpapers of individual players like Ricky Van Wofswinkel, Christian Beneke and Romelu Lukaku and hundreds of other players, we have them all. For those, for whofollow football as a religion and revere players as their Gods, we have a fantastic collection of all the major football teams.We are sure that you will enjoy every bit of this wallpaper section, while playing one of the soccer anthems on your computer!

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