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This category of wallpaper is a virtual Hall of Fame. Celebrity wallpaper on desktop can be the best source of Inspiration. The success of a celebrity is just one side of a coin. The other side is full of years of hardships and perspiration. This category of wallpapers is chockfull with a lot of ‘Oomph’! Sexy Megan Fox, with her seductive looks, rested on a fallen tree is mind blowing. You’ll love it! We are sure; the Miranda Kerr smiling on beachwear wallpaper will bowl you out. Take a peek at her wallpaper, download, and smile back!

Try out the Jackie Chan wallpaper. Jackie failed his first grade, so his father sent him to a Chinese Drama school. He studied acting and martial arts. He did what he loved. This is the secret to success – do what you love to do. Have Jackie inspiring you on your screens. Beautiful women need not be necessarily dumb. Hedy Lamarr, was an actress, who was once known as the most beautiful women In Europe. However, she was also a great mathematician who invented the technique for Spread Spectrum Communications and Frequency Hopping used by wireless devices! Isn’t that interesting? You may get to download wallpapers of AKB48 and SNSD the Japanese and Korean all girl performers. We also have Bon Jovi , Miranda Lambertt, Charlie Chaplin and Elvis Prisley. The list is endless. Enjoy downloading celebrity wallpapers to keep achieving your Goals in Life!