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Sky & Planets

Remember the first poem you learnt to say? Obviously, it must have been Twinkle Twinkle Little stars!! Man has always been fascinated by the Sky. Our Earth is just one of the trillions of planets and celestial bodies. Our Solar system is one negligible part of the universe and the Milky Way Galaxy, which we all belong to, is no more than a pin dot in this infinity, called the Universe. The wallpapers in the sky and planets can be fun, as well as of great educational importance. We have an assortment of wallpapers, handpicked to bring thrill as well as a wealth of information to your desktops.

Check out our wallpapers “Order of Planets’ and “Pictures of Planets”. Order of planets wallpaper has depicted the sequence of planets from the Sun. The actual photographs of planet and the size, give a good idea of the terrain of the planet, as well as its size and color. The picture of planets wallpaper illustrates the largest of the moons and the smallest of the planets, with their names and the diameters. We have a collection of a few spectacular phenomenon of the universe. Download the “Milky Way Galaxy” and the “Andromeda Galaxy” and have the galaxies right on your computer screens.

The Deep Blue Sky, Flowers under the night sky, and nature blue sky wallpapers are our editors pick – we recommend you to help them with a few of yours.
Keep Downloading our wallpapers – enjoy the Star Trek!

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