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“We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing!” This is what Benjamin Franklin had to say on the importance of games in our lives. The more you try to squeeze in a day, the more you tend to drain out. Take a break and play a nice game of Assassin’s creed and recharge yourself for the next task. If playing a computer game at your workplace is a taboo, then a wallpaper of a game can help lift your spirits. In the games wallpaper category, we have an assortment of wallpapers to suit individual choices.

For those, who started playing video games with Pac Man, we have modern day version P Man wallpaper. There is no pleasure of gobbling power. The P Man gobbler smiley with its mouth open will be fun, if you opt to download this wallpaper for your desktops! Mario is an eternal hero of Video games. He was perhaps the first adventurer of Computer games, created by Ninetendo. Remember his cousin Blue Luigi? Yes, we have Blue Luigi wallpaper just in case you are still a Mario and Luigi Fan. The modern day Playstation and Xbox games are full of mind blowing multimedia experience. We have packed this category with several wallpapers of Bioshock PC, Need For Speed: Prostreet, Assassin’s Creed-3 and many more.
Kick-start your day grab a games wallpaper for yourself, before you get down to work. Keep changing your wallpaper each day to get that kickass gush of adrenalin! Happy gaming!

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