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This category has a varied range of wallpapers that can suffice your taste of for an assorted range of wallpapers.
If you like rain drops we have many beautiful types of wallpaper like Summer Rain, Rain Background, Spring Grass Close up under Rain and the most stunning of all is Paper Boats in Rain. Don’t the three colored boats floating in the water remind you of our childhood memories? If you are a social buff and an avid follower of Facebook, then you can rush to the Facebook Blue Logo and find out some of the interesting facts and also download it for your desktop.

Love birds there is also something in store for you. We have cute “Simple Photo Desktop” wallpaper, where two fingers are painted to form a girl and a boy who are sharing a romantic moment. This wallpaper can bestow a feeling of love.
The Fire Guitar on fire also can be a good choice for those who are artists or those who enjoy music. This wallpaper will inspire you as it gives a message of an extraordinary performance.

So if you want a different kind of wallpaper take a glance at all the wallpapers in this category and you will surely find the one for you.

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