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Vector & Designs

This category of wallpapers is a salute to the modern day Van Goghs and Pablo Picassos. The vector designers treat the computer screen as their Canvas and the mouse and the designing software as their brushes and colors. Vector designs are man’s way of expressing colors and shapes, using mathematical co-ordinates.

Just try clicking on our wallpaper under the caption – “Beautiful Butterfly on Finger” and the one under the caption “Eagle”. You won’t believe these are miracles of a vector designing software and an equally skillful designer working on it.

3D vector deigns can be mesmerizing. Check out our 3D Butterfly design and the Apple logos. Keep gazing at these wallpapers on your screen and share the experience with your colleagues. And yes, don’t forget to write to us. The possibilities of vector design are endless. Take a look at the WPAP Rihanna and WPAP Einstein wallpapers. The designer has made a fantastic use of shades of red and black colors, to achieve a near 3D effect!

You may also want to check out the wallpaper of “Allah” and “Ramadan Karim” during the holy months of Ramadan or anytime during the year.
Download our Vector Designs – have a real time experience! Cheers!

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