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This is for the Wham-bam types and Nickelodeon addicts. This section of wallpapers presents the best of Anime and cartoon characters for your Desktops.
Meet Price Zuko – the hero of Avatar: The last Firebender, and the eldest son of Ozai, the Fire Lord. He is strong and muscular. Zuko can fire you up, just get him on your screens. Make friends with Morgiania. She is a former slave, she wears a short white dress and leg chains on her arms. She is a quiet girl and turns you on. Beware, she puffs her cheeks and stomps the ground if angry. You can download her, but take care you don’t mess up with her, as she always feels unsecured. You may like naughty Gon Freecss wallpaper. He has a gift of smell and sees things like animals. Although, he is short tempered and impulsive. We’ve heard he is friendly, though. So download his wallpaper and chill out with Gon.

The anime wallpaper of Toph Beifong is worth keeping on your desktops. She’ll inspire you all day long. She is born blind, but learnt the art of earthbending from blind animals. Believe, it or not she is now the Chief of Police of the Republic City. Truly inspiring, isn’t it? You don’t need to flip channels to meet hundreds of anime and cartoon characters in this section. We have the whole basketball team of the anime Manga series Kuruko no Basuke and then we have all characters of Mangas like Avatar and Naruto and many more. So get them to your screen and say – Just Chill, Chill, Chill!

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