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Usopp was the captain of the Usopp Pirates but later he joined the Straw Hat Pirates as a sniper. In the beginning of the series Usopp character was like a normal average human no special traits but later with two year time away from the crew he developed his qualities and now can take many enemies all on his own. For him taking out anything with his slingshot is a piece of cake. He has inborn skills from his father.u00a0 He is very creative and intelligent and makes great use of his surroundings.

He got perfect eyesight and he is always one of the first members to identify something. By nature Usopp is a very sensitive and get affected by stress very easily. Sometimes he has the insecurity of being not a useful crew member as he doesnu2019t have strong physical body but his doubts were cleared after the fight at Enies Lobby. He donu2019t like mushroom just because he had a poisonous one when he was young. He also has a bad habit of lying which is not changed with the change in his abilities and strength and even with the passage of time. He is good crew member always looking after his crew member and never leaving or letting anyone down.

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