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The image is of two young grizzly bear that are looking very cute and adorable. Grizzly bears are basically the sub species of the brown bear. Some specialist calls the North American Brown Bear the Grizzly because they are very similar to each other. The adult female Grizzlies weigh 130-200 kg and adult male weigh 180-360 kg. The newborn baby of a grizzly weighs less than 50 grams. The fur of the grizzly bear is normally brown in color with white tips. There is a very clear difference to identify between the brown bear and a grizzly bear is that the grizzly bear has a hump on their shoulders and a brown bear do not have any such hump.

The female bear often give birth to twin babies and it is done during the winter season. Grizzly bears are very powerful animal and on top of the food chain predators. They grizzly bear male is very protective towards his family and will attack if he feels his female or cubs are in danger. The cubs of the grizzlies are very cute and they stay with their mother for two year until they are strong enough to survive or look for food themselves.


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Published: September 15, 2013

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