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Tony Tony Chopper HD wallpaper Tony Tony Chopper HD wallpaper Tony Tony Chopper HD wallpaper

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Tony tony chopper is a reindeer who is also the doctor of the pirate group Straw Hat Pirates. He is not just a doctor in the group he is also a fighter and ship driver from time to time. He also ate the devil fruit named Hito Hito no Mi which in English means Human Human Fruit. The power of this fruit is it allows the person who ate to become human. This fruit allowed Chopper to have Human intelligence making it easy for him to talk to human and understanding them.

Chopper also has animal capabilities that also help him in many ways. He can communicate with animals and he got a smart nose for tracking someone but his senses get affected by strong smell of perfumes. He has made a technique called tranquilizer which is he injects it in the enemy causing them to faint; he also tried it on Luffy. Tony Tony Chopper is an important crew member because he plays many part as a crew member a doctor, tracker, animal talker and fighter. He has improved his fighting skill by practicing fights and now he is good.

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