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Just look at the beauty of the sky in exquisite color from sunrise to sunset.

This awe-inspiring photo of the sky wasu00a0created by using the technique of over lapped multiple exposure that are then skilfully 'stacked' on Photoshop.

Matt Mollow, 28, from Ontario, Canada, uses the same process when capturing star trails and can use up to 1,000 different images for one sunset picture.

Matt said: 'I was making my own star trail images after seeing some on the internet, and I wondered what it would look like if I used the same method with the time lapses I had shot during the day. 'First I shoot a time lapse. Then I use Photoshop to merge all the photos together via the lighten layer-blending mode. That adds all the lighter parts of each photo into one image.

'Clouds are my favourite thing to watch change over time, and they work great for time stacks. 'Since I started taking my sunsets back in 2012, the feedback has been great. I've been overwhelmed by all the nice comments.'


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Published: November 11, 2015

Category: 3D & Abstract, Nature, Sky & Planets

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