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The Godfather Movie HD wallpaper

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The Godfather Movie HD wallpaper The Godfather Movie HD wallpaper The Godfather Movie HD wallpaper

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The image is from the movie Godfather which was released in 1972. The man in the picture is Marlon Brando who played the character of Don Vito Corleone. His performance in the movie Godfather was the turning point in his career. His character in the movie was of a head of a criminal family in the New York City. He formed a Mafia empire in the lower east side of Manhattan. He had three sons and one daughter in the movie the eldest son took the crime world as Don after Vitou2019s death.

Apart from his crimes and bad deeds he was a man of honor and always loyal to his friends and family and expect everyone to treat him with great respect. At some point besides being logical Vito likes to use Violence as a tool to get what he wants from other either by killing or threatening them. The movie is itself is a greatest hit of its time. Marlon Brando also won Academy Award Best Actor for Vito Corleone character. He was also signed for the second part of the movie but he didnu2019t do it due to some conflict with the production studio. His voice was used in The Godfather: The Game.

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