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Spirited Away Movie HD wallpaper

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Spirited Away Movie HD wallpaper Spirited Away Movie HD wallpaper Spirited Away Movie HD wallpaper

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The image is from the Japanese movie released in the year 2001 named Spirited Away. The story is about a 10 year old girl who is stuck in the spirit world. She was traveling with her parents that somehow her father took a wrong turn and end up in the spirit world. Chihiro and her mother insisted to go back but her father wanted to look around. They changes human into animals so they took the little girlu2019s parents too.u00a0 Chihiro met a boy in the bath-house warned her to leave the place before sunset but she got stuck as her parents ate the enchanted food and turned into pigs.

The only way get her parents back in human form and to leave the spirit world Chihiro have to make an appeal to the witch named Yubaba. The witch curses on the people and let them forget their name and if they forget their names, they canu2019t ever get out of the spirit world ever. In the end Chihiro succeeded in getting free from the spell and that spirit world and unites with her parents. Itu2019s a good movie has great characters and also an interesting storyline.

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Published: August 25, 2013

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