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Seven Samurai HD wallpaper Seven Samurai HD wallpaper Seven Samurai HD wallpaper

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The image is from the movie Seven Samurai which was made in 1954 Japanese period adventure drama film. The movie was co-written, edited and directed by Akira Kurosawa. The movie was placed in 1587 during Warning State period of Japan. The story is about a village of farmers, these farmers fire some master less samurai to fight with the bandits who come after every harvest and steal their crops.

The movie was said to the greatest and most influential films ever made because of its great story and filming the movie was very famous in the west besides Japan. The movie got both good and bad critics comments. The movie was voted onto the top three of the Sight & sound critics list of the greatest films of all time in 1982.The movie Seven Samurai got the highest review at the Rotten Tomatoes and was voted highest in the list of action/adventure film.The movie is 207 minutes making it the longest picture in Kurosawa career. When the movie was released for American distributor cut of 50 minutes thinking that the viewer in the America will not sit for the whole movie. The re-released version of 190 minutes of the movie was shown in the United Kingdom.

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