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Sculptor Galaxy HD wallpaper

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Sculptor Galaxy HD wallpaper Sculptor Galaxy HD wallpaper Sculptor Galaxy HD wallpaper

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The beautiful image is of taken from a 24 inch telescope of the Sculptor Galaxy also known as Silver Dollar Galaxy or Silver Coin. The galaxy is found in the constellation of Sculptor. This type of galaxies are called starburst galaxy because in such galaxies they are going through the process of formation of star. This particular galaxy was discovered in 1783 by Caroline Herschel. Many other astronomers have analyzed this beautiful or even can say magnificent galaxy and given provided their findings since its discovery.

It is located is found in the centre of Sculptor Group, itu2019s the closet group of galaxies found near the Milky Way. It is considered to be the brightest galaxy in the area. The shape of the galaxy is long and kind of oval and a little bit irregular mostly to the core. Are several different parts are visible some are dark, some bright and filaments are also visible which are around the central part which is much brighter then the edges which gives a look of a bit faded. Being the brightest galaxy one can easily see it with the help of binoculars and itu2019s the second easiest visible galaxy after Andromeda Galaxy.

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