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The image is of Sanji from the One Piece. He holds the rank of Pirate and also the Chief of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is very intelligent; he knows what to say and how to act according to the situation. He portrays emotions from time to time like crying getting angry. He is also a good fighter and skilled. He got another prominent trait in his nature is flirting with women. He likes to be around beautiful and attractive women and feels very bad if someone gets the girl instead of him.

Sanji have great admiration for food and its preparation. As a chef he thinks the work of the chef is very holy. Due to his past history of food and starvation he hates it and gets angry if someone throws food or disrespects it. He have his own believes toward how to treat food and a person who is hungry, he donu2019t allow anyone to steal food from the fridge and he says if someone ask for food he should be given food either he is a friend or an enemy. He has another name u201cBlack Legu201d he got this name due to the reason that he mastered a martial art technique called u201cBlack leg styleu201d. This style gives him power in his lower body making him so strong that he can easily defeat anyone even bigger than his size.

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Published: October 1, 2013

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