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Ratatouille Movie HD wallpaper

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Ratatouille Movie HD wallpaper Ratatouille Movie HD wallpaper Ratatouille Movie HD wallpaper

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The image is of a rat named Remy from the movie Ratatouille.u00a0 The movie is about a restaurant chief who dies and leaves his son as in charge. Remy used to live in the restaurant and Remy had the great sense of cooking food. He wanted to be a chief himself. Remy is not like a normal rat, he is more like a human as he walks on two feet not four. His only dream is to become a chef. The son of the restaurant owner Auguste Gusteau was Alfredo Linguini.

Once Remy found that he can control Linguini by his hair and make him do things, he found it an opportunity he was looking for to cook so he did and people loved it. So then Linguini started to work with Remy and started calling him little chef. Remy had all the quality a good chef could have some might find it hard to believe and left the restaurant but Linguini always believed Remy and stayed with him. The movie rotates all around the little chef and his cooking and how he got known from his special dish named Ratatouille to the Food critic which made the critic so impressed that he gave the restaurant a good review and kept coming to try different of Remyu2019s experiments.

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