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Ponyo Movie HD wallpaper

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Ponyo Movie HD wallpaper Ponyo Movie HD wallpaper Ponyo Movie HD wallpaper

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The image is taken from the Ponyo. The movie is about an enchanted goldfish who wish to live among the humans so he makes a little boy named Sosuke her friend. The movie is being directed by a very creative director Hayao Miyazaki. The story starts when a Sosuke found a magic goldfish that can talk and had a head like human. Ponyo father is the wizard of the sea and her mother is the Sea Goddess.

Ponyo is an intelligent fish and he escaped from her family and tried to live with human in the form a little girl. When Ponyo started to love the little boy she started to grow legs and arms, although her parents didnu2019t liked her decision and tried to get her back to her home Ponyo disagreed with them and told them clearly that she wants to be a human. Ponyo with the help of her other sister used a spell and made herself a full human but that embarked a great unbalance in the ocean causing the moon to fall off from its orbit and the waves formed tsunami. Itu2019s a very nice and beautiful movie for children. Anyone who liked Pinocchio or The Little Mermaidu00a0 definitely would like to watch Ponyo which is available as Ponyo on the Cliff in the English translation.

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Published: August 21, 2013

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