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The image is of one of the character of One Piece a Japanese Animated Series named Nico Robin. In the series her character is an archaeologist who works with the Straw Hat Pirates. Her number is seven in the Pirate crew. Before the Post-war arc she ate a devil fruit known as Hana Hana No Mi which gave her special powers. Besides being an archaeologist Nico is also an historian and she feels good and free when she is busy in finding the mysteries of the world.

She is not very talkative mostly she is quiet and to herself. She also has good maternal instincts toward some crew members. Her character besides being great at her work has other qualities too like she is more inclined toward things that will end up in horror or thrill or even anything gross. She doesnu2019t fear anything or anyone and itu2019s hard for her to digest the fact that according to some people history is meaningless. She is one of the crew members that donu2019t get angry rather stay calm and composed. For Nico history is everything and the discoveries and objects that hold historic significance are the most important thing in the world.

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Published: August 23, 2013

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