Naruto Tailed Beasts

Naruto Tailed Beasts - HD Wallpaper

Naruto Tailed Beasts HD wallpaper

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Naruto Tailed Beasts HD wallpaper Naruto Tailed Beasts HD wallpaper Naruto Tailed Beasts HD wallpaper

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The image is from the series Naruto of the tailed beast named Kurama. Kurama is also known as Nine-tails because he has nine tails. The beast was first sealed into Mito Uzumaki after the battle at the Valley of the End and it was transferred to Kushina Uzumaki after Mito death. Kurama was made in the waning days of the Sage of the Six Paths. After the creation of Tailed beast the Sage with tailed beast and they will be together no matter how far apart they are in reality.

Kurama is a sarcastic and sharp individual with a twisted type of sense of humor. When he refers to himself he calls himself Washi. Kurama is a very proud and praise himself beast who thinks that the strength and power of the tailed beast comes from the number of tails he have because of this thinking he was given a displeasure to his brother. Kumara at first did not use to respect Naruto as he hate humans but with time passing he started to respect Naruto. The tailed beast Kurama the Fox posses great powerful chakra and can perform the tailed Beast Ball. Kurama can also create destructive shockwaves so strong that he can knock off five tails without any trouble.

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