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Naruto Jutsu HD wallpaper

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Naruto Jutsu HD wallpaper Naruto Jutsu HD wallpaper Naruto Jutsu HD wallpaper

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The image is of manga and anime series Naruto and the mystical art of martial art is used named Jutsu. Jutsu is a kind of a technique a ninja uses in battles. In order to perform such technique the Ninja should have control over their chakra. Two energies of the chakra are released to use this technique Jutsu. Hand seals are formed by the ninja to apply the desired technique. The series in placed in a fictional universe where different countries fight each other using ninja soldiers. In the Naruto series there is a group of young ninja solider from a village and they use Jutsu in their fights by combining the energy of their body and mind.

The concept of the creator Masashi Kishimoto behind the Jutsu was to explain the super and new powers the ninja holds in this series. There are three categories of Jutsu that are Ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu. The most important thing in using the Jutsu technique is the control over the Chakra. If the control is not proper and firm on the chakra, the ninja will produce a very ineffective and weak technique and will end up of the chakra early in fight. So to use the chakra more effectively hand seals should be used which help in controlling the chakra and the Jutsu with high efficiency.


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