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Nami One Piece HD wallpaper

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Nami One Piece HD wallpaper Nami One Piece HD wallpaper Nami One Piece HD wallpaper

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The image is of Nami also known as u201ccat Burglaru201d from the Japanese series One Piece. Nami belongs to the Straw Hat Pirates and work as a navigator with them. Nami is the second smart crew member beside Nico Robin. She didnu2019t used to like pirates and considered them bad people but then she lost someone close to her changed her mind after meeting Luffy.

She was very poor when she was a child, had almost no money this caused a change in her personality by making her very greedy; she can do anything for money. She got a bossy nature and likes to order people around to do things for her. Usually other fight takes care of her fights because she is too scared to do it herself.u00a0 She got a kind and soft heart, whenever she finds out anything sad about someone she very understands towards them. She got all her emotion on the top making her to cry easily. She has good comforting qualities towards friends in trouble. She got great instinct which every crew member trust even the captain follow her orders easily because they all know she will take them away from danger to a better place.

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Published: August 27, 2013

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