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Monkey D. Luffy HD wallpaper

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Monkey D. Luffy HD wallpaper Monkey D. Luffy HD wallpaper Monkey D. Luffy HD wallpaper

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Monkey D. Luffy is the son of the armyu2019s commander; he is also called Straw Hat Luffy. He got a dream to be the Pirate King. He is the one who started the group and also the best fighter in the crew.u00a0 Luffy has two important qualities in his nature one is he lack intelligence and second he is fearless. He has interest in monster and creatures and wants them to join this pirate crew. He got a problem in understanding things and when his friends try to tell or explain him the thing he start calling it mystery thing.

He is fascinated with unusual thing and finds it cool. He does a thing which everyone canu2019t understand how Luffy can be sleeping and still eat like normal awake person. His favorite food is meat and he believes it gives him some power like reenergize him as new. Luffy donu2019t know how to draw and still try to draw and he is also very bad in doing normal chores whenever he try to help it turn out to be a mess. Luffy make people believe that he is not that strong and normally his enemies underestimate him but they donu2019t see his strength and power and which they find out it too late. He is fun-loving and got an elastic body.

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