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Mikasa Ackerman HD wallpaper Mikasa Ackerman HD wallpaper Mikasa Ackerman HD wallpaper

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The image is of Mikasa Ackerman from the Japanese manga series Attack on Titan. Mikasa is the adoptive sister of Eren Yeager and she joined the military Scouting Legion with Eren after his mother death. Mikasa appearance is very fit. She used to have long black hairs but her brother told her to cut them because they will cause problem in the training for the attack on Titan. She got an average height and got very calm looking eyes. She wears clothes like a solider uniform and she wears a red scarf all the time which was given by Eren when he said Mikasa from the human trafficker.

Mikasa got a very quiet personality due to the murder of her parents. From the inside she still cares and loves his brother and friends. Her personality is mostly effected by Eren as he helped her killed the robbers who killed her parents. Eren told Mikasa that the world is not a god place so she has to fight to survive in this place. These words have made her the great solider she is now. Mikasa is very level-headed and follows Eren orders without questions. She got very strong control on her emotions and is very protective of Eren.

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