Legend of Korra – Mako

Legend of Korra – Mako - HD Wallpaper

Legend of Korra - Mako HD wallpaper

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Legend of Korra - Mako HD wallpaper Legend of Korra - Mako HD wallpaper Legend of Korra - Mako HD wallpaper

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The image is of a character in the Legend of Korra named Mako. Mako is an orphan firebender and spent most of his life on streets. His father and mother were killed by firebender mugger when he was only eight years old leaving behind just one brother named Bolin. When he was living on street he came in contact with a criminal organization named Triple Threat Triad for which he used to collect money and ran number. He learnt lighting generation and redirection of lighting from the leader of the organization.

Mako formed a team which was a pro-bending team having his younger brother Bolin and a friend who was a water bender Hasook. Later the position of water bender in the group was taken over by the Avatar Korra. Mako was a father to his younger brother from very small age which gave him good control on his emotions. His personality was mostly effected by living on streets so was his behavior. Mako is a good fire bender which can be seen in the pro-bending championship matches which his team won. He do many innovative and advance tricks in firebending and do a very advance technique such as breath of fire.u00a0

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