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Legend of Korra – Korra - HD Wallpaper

Legend of Korra Korra HD wallpaper

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Legend of Korra Korra HD wallpaper Legend of Korra Korra HD wallpaper Legend of Korra Korra HD wallpaper

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The image is of Avatar Korra in the series Legend of Korra. Korra was the next avatar after Avatar Aang Korra is a waterbender and her parents were also waterbenders from the Southern water tribe. When she was four she found that she was the next Avatar. She was a very talented bender and because of her that she at the age of thirteen she was able to master all the four elements. She also has a animal companion which she tamed herself named Naga a female polar bear dog.

She shows tough, strong and independent personality from the outside but from the inside she is very loving and caring toward her friends and family. Korra has a impulsive nature and she got the tendency to take up challenges quickly. She also had trouble during her Avatar training she was very incapable of understanding the tendency of harm she can bring from her bending. She had the help and guidance from the spirit of Avatar Aang, who helped her in learning energy bending and she learnt to get into Avatar state with her own will by connecting with her past lives. Besides the bending she got good physical strength and fighting skills.

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