Killer Bee Naruto

Killer Bee Naruto - HD Wallpaper

Killer Bee Naruto HD wallpaper

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Killer Bee Naruto HD wallpaper Killer Bee Naruto HD wallpaper Killer Bee Naruto HD wallpaper

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The image is of one of the characters Killer Bee from the Japanese manga series Naruto. Killer Bee is basically one of the ninja from the village of Kumogakure. He is one of the major supporting characters in the series showing good talents. Killer Bee has a unique personality he is stubborn and proud upon his strength and power. He tends to have the tendency to demand respect from other and ask people to call him Lord Jinchuriki. He is also a rapper and sings or make up songs in order to express himself. Although his song writing skills are not appreciated and are bad but he do not like it when someone make fun of his songs.

He is a very power ninja and has the ability to fight many singly. When he was a child he showed great skills and was very strong and was able to perform successful missions without teams. As per his appearance of being strong and stubborn he is also very kind and loving and loves animals as when he was on the Island Turtle he befriends all the giant animals or beast on the Island. He is also very intelligent and has powers like transmitting his feeling only by touching someone.

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