Ichigo Kurosaki Sword

Ichigo Kurosaki Sword - HD Wallpaper

Ichigo Kurosaki Sword HD wallpaper

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Ichigo Kurosaki Sword HD wallpaper Ichigo Kurosaki Sword HD wallpaper Ichigo Kurosaki Sword HD wallpaper

Ichigo Kurosaki Sword - Download Wallpaper

The image is of Ichigo from the Japanese anime Bleach. Ichigo looks like a normal teenager but there are some little differences in him like he got orange hairs and is very tall. He is normal human being but has Shinigami powers. He got a very stubborn and complex personality as a teenager. He is confrontational, outspoken and also determined. He got the duty of two world the real world and also the spirit world. After becoming Shinigami , the Zanpakuto he has is like a standard looking katana but the size id very big with brown sheathe hangs from his shoulder. The handle of the sword is rectangular bronze hand guard and has a stylish flame pattern on the long sides.

The handle color is red and has two light blue tassels on the end of it. The size of the sword is said to large because of the spritial power Ichigo has. Ichigo did not know how to control it so the sword was itself weak. Still the sword was strong and powerful enough to control a Gillian-class Menos. As the sword was weak so Byakuya was able to cut a piece of blade off in the fight. Ichigo was trained to learn the name of his sword to make its true power release.


Image Source: http://inferno2446.deviantart.com/art/Bleach-475-New-bankai-Kurosaki-Ichigo-272115383

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Published: September 18, 2013

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