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Cameras had almost become a thing of the past to the average user. Everyone you know these days uses their Iphone or Android to capture terrific shots and then proceeds to one of the Social Media sites to share them with friends and the world really. That was until the groundbreaking GoPro Hero 3 came out and the world got a taste of what it can do. In the 10 years since his first GoPro prototype, creator Nick Woodman has gone from broke surfer to multibillionaire. This camera has even won a technology and engineering Emmy award for its ability to capture perspectives that were simply out of reach before. Users are strapping the cameras to themselves as they enjoy sport, jump off cliffs or drive racing cars. They call also of course be attached to the car, the bike or their pet. You can own one for as little as $200 and then just let your imagination run wild.

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Published: August 11, 2016

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