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The image is of Gon Freecss who is the primary protagonist of Hunter x Hunter. His father is the famous hunter Ging Freecss. Gon Freecss is on the quest of finding his father. He is a twelve year old boy who got big and high spiky black hairs with green tips. He clothes are mostly green and even his boots are of green color. Gon is a very friendly boy who is also athletic. He spent a lot time in the woods so he is very good with animals. He got great senses which can be called inhuman because he got the smell and sight senses like animals. He got a simple mind and determination is one of the great things.

He got with his temper and got a very impulsive nature due to which he gets into trouble sometimes. He is very composed and got the thirst to get greater power making him stronger. Gon got great confidence and do not like to think of himself any less from anyone. His greatest desire is to get the strength and his greatest insecurity is that he feels he lack the tendency to protect his love ones. When he was twenty years old he went back to his home after eight years with his infant son.

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Published: September 12, 2013

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