Goku Vs Vegeta

Goku Vs Vegeta - HD Wallpaper

Goku Vs Vegeta HD wallpaper

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Goku Vs Vegeta HD wallpaper Goku Vs Vegeta HD wallpaper Goku Vs Vegeta HD wallpaper

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The image is from the Dragon Ball Z from the episode called Goku vs. Vegeta. This episode was the thirtieth episode of the Vegeta Saga. The episode was launched on December 13, 1989 but the episode was aired in America on 3rd May, 1997. The story of the episode was that Goku was waiting for Vegeta to come and fight him so he sent Krillin and Gohan to Kame house so that they stay away from any damage or harm. Krillin and Gohan were thinking about Goku that will he be able to defeat Vegeta. When Vegeta arrived Goku diverted him and took him to the Gizard Wasteland.

Both of them taunted each other and started to fight and showed that almost equal strength and power but Vegeta due to his ruthless nature had some great moves which made Goku think that he is facing a stronger opponent but Goku was not worried about this fact. Vegeta was showing great power he powers himself up as dark storm cloud and then the rock were floating in the air and a bubble of pure energy was around Vegeta, Goku was astonish to see such powers. After this power show Vegeta gave Goku a blow in the air but Goku got control of him and dodge the pressure of power but then Goku used the Kaio-ken X3 and Vegeta then released that Goku got more what is in front of his eye.

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