F-15 Strike Eagle

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F-15E Strike Eagle HD Wallpapers

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F-15E Strike Eagle HD Wallpapers F-15E Strike Eagle HD Wallpapers F-15E Strike Eagle HD Wallpapers

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One of the best times of the day to create amazing photographs is at sunset and here the light has been used to create this stunning effect. The photographer has used the light of the setting sun as it pierces the thunderous clouds in the late afternoon. It captures the cockpit of the McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle and brings that into sharp contrast with the rest of the aircraft. The have also used composition, texture, line and color to produce the graphic details of both fighter aircraft. Henry Brownlee, a Boeing historian has said that during Operation Desert Storm, every enemy airplane shot down was shot down by a McDonnell Douglas made aircraft.

Image source: https://0koxlw-dm2306.files.1drv.com/y3mS-wNuBYlIwYqziUJYIky47k3u3JydyUZXPcDqyvvxfbzwhaDZXYeXjBlJ6Rc2Vy-lUxEZ4tvwORs_Yuvxh2f0xFw-mhI3EQ60NBZOiOklP8j6HsVvf2nm9RRfJCYpytS_tT87C5NFLsCieo1_Ya6nvmDuD3p06fHyUMjT8CHQZ0/11uK4.jpg?psid=1

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Published: December 5, 2015

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