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Eren Jaeger HD wallpaper Eren Jaeger HD wallpaper Eren Jaeger HD wallpaper

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The image is of Eren Yeager from the Japanese manga series Attack on Titan. In the image Eren is fighting the Titans who kills human and destroy his city Eren is from the Shinganshina District which is a town with huge walls to protect them from the Titan attacks. He joined the military after his mother death and was just take revenge from the titans for destroying his city and killing his mother. He got an adoptive sister Mikasa and a good friend Armin both of them also joined the military with him and started to fight against the Titans. After his mother death Eren personality changed and he became very hardheaded and his only motive was to protect mankind from the creatures and in order to do so he leaves the walls to fight the Titan. He cares about his comrades and do not hold back in risking his life for them.

He got good determination quality but he do not have much patience and makes hasty decision putting himself in trouble even sometimes in death situation thatu2019s when his teammates save him. After many years Eren found out that he got the power of changing into a Titan himself. People got bad feeling about this power but he got a good control on this will so even becoming the Titan his determination to kill the Titans stayed strong.

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Published: April 18, 2017

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