Dragon Ball Z – Vegeta

Dragon Ball Z – Vegeta - HD Wallpaper

Dragon Ball Z Vegeta HD wallpaper

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Dragon Ball Z Vegeta HD wallpaper Dragon Ball Z Vegeta HD wallpaper Dragon Ball Z Vegeta HD wallpaper

Dragon Ball Z – Vegeta - Download Wallpaper

The image is of Vegeta from the Dragon ball Z series. Vegeta is the prince of fallen Saiyan race and also the enemy of Goku. When Vegeta was young he was the member of Saiyan Army was very cold-blooded and ruthless. Vegeta is introduced in the Dragon Ball Z at the age of 29 years. He came to Earth in order to find the seven magic object which where the Dragon Balls. These balls had the power to fulfill any wish asked so Vegeta and his friends came to find the balls and make the wish of becoming immortals. But their bad luck Goku and their team found about their plan and were ready to fight them.

Vegeta got a very aggressive nature since his childhood but with the passage of time he has shown changes in his behavior and thinking. He was trained by Frieza who made him like this a villain but when he found about the reality about him he changed and told Goku that he can be kind and nice. He used to show compassion and love toward his family. As per his past behavior it was hard for other to accept that he has changed and not evil like before but he proved himself. He always wanted to beat Goku power but was not able to so in the Dragon Ball Z series he cried on the fact that he is unable to do so as much he tries.

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