Dragon Ball GT – Goku

Dragon Ball GT – Goku - HD Wallpaper

Dragon Ball GT Goku HD wallpaper

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Dragon Ball GT Goku HD wallpaper Dragon Ball GT Goku HD wallpaper Dragon Ball GT Goku HD wallpaper

Dragon Ball GT – Goku - Download Wallpaper

The image is of Goku from the Dragon Ball series. Goku is the main character of the series. He was adopted and has a grandpa named grandpa Gohan who is the husband of Chi-Chi. Goku is originally a saiyan who was sent to earth to destroy it but his mind changes and he instead of destroying earth he become the defender of earth. He got great power and strength and he keeps training himself to become the biggest and strongest warrior.

He got a very cheerful nature and energetic personality. He loves to compete in sport fighting and also eating. He got a good nature and tends to forgive his enemies. Apart from his kind nature he has a tendency to get angry or upset when something happens to his friends or family. The best ability Goku has is the ability to succeed and push him to the limits in order get success and he never gives up even when things are not giving sign of working out in his favor. Beside all the strength and power Goku got two major weaknesses, one is his tail that if someone grabs his tail he loses all his power and the second one is his appetite to eat and if he done get food he loses all his strength and becomes weak.

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