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Centaurus A HD wallpaper Centaurus A HD wallpaper Centaurus A HD wallpaper

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The image is of famous galaxy in the constellation of Centaurus known as Centaurus A. There is another name for this galaxy that is NGC 5128. Itu2019s a beautiful image of the galaxy so fascinating and appealing like one can get lost in the stars. This galaxy was discovered in 1826 by James Dunlop an astronomers that belonged to Scotland. Itu2019s one of the closest galaxies near to Earth making it easy to be studied by astronomers from time to time. Itu2019s only visible in low northern latitude and the southern hemisphere and its on number five in the list of the brightest galaxies.

Its found at the centre of one of two subgroup with Messier 83 but the groups are only part of a subgroup. Some astronomers identify these two groups as one and some consider them to different group of galaxies, even the moment of the groups is not related to each other. Both the galaxies are found in the Virgo Supercluster. The outstanding dust lane represent that the Centaurus has recently merged by a spiral galaxy. The star bursting is also the result of the collision which is making it give it a blue glow from a bright stars prominent around the dust lane.

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