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Brook One Piece HD wallpaper Brook One Piece HD wallpaper Brook One Piece HD wallpaper

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The image is of Brook one of the character from the Japanese series The One Piece. As it can be easily seen that Brook is a musician who belongs to the Straw Hat Pirates. He was found on a ghost ship by the Straw Hat Pirates. He got power of coming back to life as he use the Devil fruit named Yomi Yomi no Mi which possess the quality of bringing back someone who died. He is also a good swordsman and is one of two swordsmen on the ship. The amount of bounty he has is u00a033,000,000.

The nature of Brook is very jolly most of time is he found to be goofing around with Luffy. His favorite musical instrument is Violin and he loves to play it. He knows a technique that he plays a tune on his violin making everyone fall asleep. He is not a very serious type of fighter; he brings humor to the fights by doing funny things. When he was alive he had the Devil fruit due to which he was able to come back to life once again but the process took time and his body decayed leaving just the skeleton. Brook use a special type of sword in his fight which is called Shikomizue, the sword is hidden inside a cane and he has had it since fifty years. Later Brook renamed his sword as Soul Solid because he had adopted the quality to cover his sword with his Aura of soul which freezes itself or anything that touches it.

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