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Avatar - Katara HD wallpaper

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Avatar - Katara HD wallpaper Avatar - Katara HD wallpaper Avatar - Katara HD wallpaper

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The image is of Katara from the series Avatar the Last Air bender. Katara is a water bender who belongs to the Southern water tribe. She lost her mother because of the Fire nation when she was a little girl so she has a hate for the Fire Nation since her young age. She and her brother Sokka were raised by her grandmother after their mothers dead because her father went on war against the Fire Nation. She is very caring and responsible and takes care of her brother just like a mother. She was the only water bender left in the Southern tribe, at first she was not a good water bender but later she found a water bending scroll and learnt great techniques from it.

She and her brother found the avatar in the frozen ice. She becomes Avatar Aangu2019s water bending master. She and her older brother Sokka accompanied the Aang to the Northern Water tribe to find a teacher and then they traveled all over the world to help the Avatar master all the four elements and fight the Fire Lord and stop the war. During their journey Katara improved her water bending skills and also learned blood bending from a old southern tribe women who learnt the technique when she was in the Fire nation prison. Katara and Aang also have a romantic relationship building in the series which after war turns into marriage.

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