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Armin Arlert HD wallpaper Armin Arlert HD wallpaper Armin Arlert HD wallpaper

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The image is of Armin Arlert from the Japanese manga series Attack on Titan. Armin is the childhood friend of Eren. He also joined the Scouting Legion to take revenge from the Titans and to protect mankind from them. He is not much strong physically but he got good tactical and strategic skills which help in the battle field. Armin was very shy when he was a child and also very fragile physically and was bullied by other due to his appearance. Eren and Mikasa used to help him and save him if he gets into trouble because he did not had the ability to do so himself.

He joined the military only because his two best friends joined it. He is very loyal and do not holds back in order to risk his life for his friends. He does not have battling skills so he is not put on the frontlines in battles but he got a very intelligent mind. He planned the battles and applies strategies which help the force a lot of times. At first Armin did not used to think of himself as anything useful or important but when he show that his tactics and strategies are working great he released that he not useless he got the power of intelligence.

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