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Anime One Piece HD wallpaper

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Anime One Piece HD wallpaper Anime One Piece HD wallpaper Anime One Piece HD wallpaper

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The image is of the Japanese series One Piece which is produced by Toei Animation and is aired by Fuji Television. The image has all the characters in the series. The series first episode was on 20th October 1999. One piece is basically about a lost treasure left by pirates. The story starts with the Pirate King named Gol D. Roger before dying he told the location of the treasure named One Piece. Whoever would find the treasure will be given the title of Pirate King.

Then later there is an entry of a boy named Luffy who wants to become the Pirate King he is not a typical Pirate who are ugly and scary he is a total opposite. Luffy considers the search as an adventurous thing and a remarkable journey so he started to find a crew for his quest. Luffy and his crew then travel across the Grand Line, on their way they meet many different people and creatures, go through different adventures and also had to fight with many enemies along their way to find the treasure u201cOne Pieceu201d. Anime One Piece is part of a series of One Piece series which also include comic, movie, video game, and TV series.

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