The 4HDWallpaper is a team of cool computer geeks. We love to splash your desktops with vibrant colors. We are vagabonds who love wandering in search of some of the coolest wallpapers on the Net.  Our mission is to spread happiness when you are at work or leisure.

In modern-day workplaces, deadlines and infinite work pressure are inevitable.  Monotonous tasks on computers keep people confined to their chairs and cubicles. They start losing interest, attention and efficiency required for such tasks.

Our wallpapers swing into action when you are feeling bored and tired… they grab your attention in those few moments that you return to your Desktop.  You will feel like sipping a shot of Tequila,with a slice of lime and a pinch of salt.  One glimpse of our wallpapers will make you feel relaxed and you will throw your head back in pleasure!  After all, that’s what you do when you sip a shot of Tequila isn’t it?

The recipe for making a great wallpaper site is challenging.  Our visitor profile encompasses people of various age groups, genders, professions and cultural backgrounds.  Each visitor has a different motive for visiting 4HDwallpaper.  This keeps our editors on their toes and makes them deliver the finest of wallpapers on the net.

Our designing team understands that choosing a perfect wallpaper is as confusing as choosing an ice-cream flavor.  They ensure visitors don’t end up wasting time frantically searching for wallpapers.  To make life easier, they decided to place almost 22 categories right on top of the landing page, followed by extra-large icons of the top recommended wallpapers.  A click on any icon will take you to a larger image.  Here you will also get to see a display of a few more suggestions from various categories.

You see, it’s no fun just downloading wallpaper without knowing what it is all about!  Say you download a monochrome image of a beautiful yesteryear Hollywood actress or an absolutely stunning image of an erupting Volcano.  Now, this is where 4HDWallpaper is different!  You will get to read some interesting and juicy information about most wallpaper images displayed on our site, and this keeps you informed of the significance and relevance of the image on your desktop.

We believe in keeping 4HDWallpaper interactive.  Hence our editors and designers have aptly included a large icon of the ‘submit’ button to motivate our visitors to submit their wallpapers.  To submit your wallpapers, just visit the submit page, sign up and complete the submission process.  After checking the wallpaper image and link, we will gladly add a free link to the original Image source.  This can then be diverted to your own profile on Flickr or elsewhere.

Each day we keep adding fresh new wallpapers with fresh new themes.  Every time you visit us you will experience the “joy” of ‘Alice’ in ‘Wonderland’ and the “adventure” of ‘Alibaba’ in the cave of the forty thieves.  So keep visiting 4HDWallpaper and share our wallpapers with your friends.

Last but not least; we would love to hear from you, so please keep tuned to the RSS feed and do write to us.
We are happy if you are happy.  If you would like to share, please send photos via email or on the submit page.  If you find material that has the copyright to your report by contact page. We are very pleased to receive your advice and criticism.

Happy Downloading!